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James Holland

James combines his love of music and general tech gadgetry with a passion for writing to not only cover the latest audio equipment but to actually put that English degree to work. From headphones to soundbars and more, he applies his expertise to help guide readers in their online quest for the right piece of tech. When he’s not writing, he’s playing guitar, traveling, or eating. Sometimes, all three at once!

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The best speakers for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes in 2022

Find the best speakers to bring that Chrome-powered computer alive


As convenient, practical, lightweight, and even surprisingly robust as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are, not to mention cheap, they’re not typically known for speaker quality. In fact, that could be said for most laptops, which means you might need to invest in something that can upgrade that sound. Headphones and earbuds work well, but you might not want to spend hours with your ears covered— at least not at home or in your office.


The best earbuds for calls in 2022

Choose one of these wireless earbuds for the best call quality


Wireless earbuds aren’t just the smallest, most convenient way to listen to music on the go. They’re feature-filled devices that can fulfill multiple functions. While sound quality is usually the central factor, those who constantly take calls on the go, whether it’s for social reasons or work, need to prioritize the ability to make and take calls with a minimum of fuss before pressing that buy button.