Unless you've been living under a rock on social media, you probably have heard of Wordle by now, the 5-letter daily word puzzle game that famously went viral over the web. Once you've begun playing Wordle, you'll understand why it's gained so much popularity over the last year. There's nothing more satisfying than being one of the first to solve the daily puzzle, but once you're done, you are left starving for more. You could install some of the best alternatives to Wordle to quench that hunger, but maybe you're in the market for a game similar to Wordle with a new difficulty spike. Look no further; Quordle is here. No more worrying about outsmarting Wordle and being done within minutes; Quordle is four times the size offering enough gameplay to satiate your hunger for word puzzles.

The project was first inspired by a group of word game fans playing another Wordle alternative, Dordle, which led to the interest in creating a more complicated version of Wordle, now known as Quordle. Engineered initially by David Mah and later polished for quality by Freddie Meyer, the game now sees over two million users daily, and this number seemingly keeps growing. So if you're curious to see why Quordle is such a massive hit with Wordle fans, we've written a guide that illustrates precisely how to install and play Quordle on your Android device.

How to install Quordle on your Android device

To ensure you navigate to the official version of Quordle, we've added a direct link to Quordle's web page. Like any progressive web app, you can install this game through the Chrome browser, and it will function like a native Android app, similar to installing Wordle in our previous guide.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to Quordle's homepage: https://www.quordle.com.
  3. Access the overflow menu to the right of the address bar by tapping on the three vertical dots.
  4. Tap on Install app > Install.
  5. Now Quordle app is added to your home screen, tap to launch the app.

Quordle settings

Turning on and changing some of Quordle's default options can significantly enhance your experience. Especially considering you'll be spending more time solving four daily words instead of one, so the time spent in this progressive app will be higher than what you've been accustomed to with Wordle. Below, we will walk you through which options you have available.

  1. Launch the Quordle app, and tap on the drop-down menu on the top right.
  2. Tap on Settings to pull up the setting menu; from here, you'll have a list of options you can turn on and off using a slider.
  3. Once you have selected your preferred options, tap the "X" (top right corner) to exit your settings.

Turning on Dark Mode will invert your background color and text; the background will be darker while the text will be lighter (white).

The colorblind mode will change the text coloring by having correct letters highlighted orange, and the correct letters placed incorrectly will highlight blue.

Turning on Vibration will produce faint sounds while you're playing. We recommend turning this off if you need to play in silence.

The switch keys option swaps your keyboard layout so that your backspace and shift exchange positions; change this option to resemble your preferred layout.

Achievement notifications show up only if this option is turned on; we recommend turning it on so you can have a reminder of your achievements while you play!

Keyboard height has its slider, and sliding to the right will make your keys taller, and sliding towards the left means your keys will be smaller. The adjustments made should be based on how your fingers fit the keyboard.

The last option tinkers with your game size and only two options are available to choose from "Fit Screen" and "Always Square Tiles." Selecting "Always Square Tiles" will make it so you have to scroll through your word listings, whereas "Fit Screen" will automatically fit the four puzzle quadrants without scrolling.

How to play Quordle

If you're already familiar with Wordle, it'll be easy to understand Quordle's ruleset. You have to guess four 5-letter words, and you're provided nine tries to solve all four. Each of the letters in the words you guess will count towards all 4-word puzzles. The best strategy is to uncover as much information as possible in the first few attempts, and then you can narrow down to the actual words later. The puzzle changes daily, and you'll get an opportunity to view and share your results, just like Wordle.

  1. Navigate and open the Quordle shortcut you installed on your home screen.
  2. A 2x2 grid is displayed, leaving five empty boxes in each row. These boxes fill once you begin guessing words. To review the ruleset, tap on the circular question mark icon next to "practice."
  3. Before jumping into the daily puzzle, tap on Practice. The "Practice" mode simulates how a typical Quordle puzzle plays. Using your on-screen keyboard, type a 5-letter word guess and tap Enter.
  4. Inputting a word will generate a letter color displayed in each word space. Like Wordle, yellow means the letter is in the wrong spot but in the word, green means the letter is in the correct spot, and gray illustrates the letter isn't in the word. A helpful feature unique to Quordle is how the letters on the keyboard visually reflect the letter's status on the grid; if one out of four words has "C" in the correct spot, the "C" key is quartered filled with green and behaves like a coordinate to a specific word's position.
  5. Once you feel ready to tackle the daily puzzle, tap on Daily. Each word guess counts in this mode, and you only have nine tries to solve everything.
  6. You'll see "Quordle Complete" at the top once you've finished the puzzle. The timer for when the next Quordle comes online is displayed under the completion message. Congratulations, you've solved the daily puzzle!

How to share your results

  1. After solving Quordle, you have the option to share your results online. Tap on Share, Share Image (Twitter), download button (to save an image), or Copy to Clipboard.
  2. Your results are displayed spoiler-free no matter which option you pick, so go wild.

Note: By downloading the image, it'll automatically time stamp the date to your image — helpful for organizing your gallery.

Tips to get started

  1. Religiously play through the Practice mode. Unlike Wordle, you're given access to a Practice mode with no limit on how many times you can play. Practicing helps you find the best starting words while getting used to the format and can relieve your boredom after solving the daily puzzle.
  2. Stick to your starting words. Your first three guesses should be your starting words; Quordle requires an empirical approach to solving its word puzzles, so you'll need to maximize the gained information by choosing the best starting words. Starting words should cover all vowels and common consonants while avoiding overlapping with the same letters.
  3. Choosing quadrants to solve one word at a time. Pick a section lit with many green and yellow letters and work on piecing together the solution. Hopefully, solving one word will yield more clues in your other sections.

Quordle's future

Quordle offers plenty of replayability and hits the difficulty spike just right for those looking for a challenging spin on Wordle. There are currently no plans for monetization, but you can alternatively choose to donate to support the creators. And if you're still hungry for even more word puzzles, there's a great selection of word games on Android waiting to be played.