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Faith studied chemistry and later pursued technical writing and gaming journalism. While being morphed into a seasoned gamer, she obsessively yearns to stay connected with the latest tech. Now with an android phone in one hand, and her deep analytical mind in another, Faith is ready to embark on her ultimate quest for knowledge.

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Featured Hero image for Version 2.8

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 Summer Fantasia: How to take part in the summer festivities

We're heading back to the Golden Apple Archipelago, featuring new events, new story, and a new cast of characters


Summer is here in Genshin Impact, and there's no better way to celebrate than by going on a trip to a paradise full of wonder, mystery, and of course, partake in summertime shenanigans with some of your favorite characters, all right before we head off to a new region. This means it's time to reveal what's new, how to participate in the main seasonal event Summertime Odyssey, and wipe the new limited-time Golden Apple Archipelago clean before it disappears again.

Quordle featured

Quordle starter's guide: How to survive Wordle on hard mode

Multiply the difficulty of Wordle by four with Quordle


Unless you've been living under a rock on social media, you probably have heard of Wordle by now, the 5-letter daily word puzzle game that famously went viral over the web. Once you've begun playing Wordle, you'll understand why it's gained so much popularity over the last year. There's nothing more satisfying than being one of the first to solve the daily puzzle, but once you're done, you are left starving for more. You could install some of the best alternatives to Wordle to quench that hunger, but maybe you're in the market for a game similar to Wordle with a new difficulty spike. Look no further; Quordle is here. No more worrying about outsmarting Wordle and being done within minutes; Quordle is four times the size offering enough gameplay to satiate your hunger for word puzzles.

Prime Gaming hero image

Don't miss out on 30 free Prime Day games, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Grab a smorgasbord of free PC games on Amazon's dime


Today's the day to build up your PC gaming library with over 30 games currently up for grabs during Amazon Prime Day. You only need an active Amazon Prime membership and a quick visit to the Prime Gaming hub to claim all of the free goodies. Some freebies include AAA titles like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is currently $60 on Steam. So make sure to take a few minutes to get your hands on all of these Prime Day games.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen with clock face

The Amazon Echo Dot Prime Day deal makes it the price of large pizza — and just as delicious

Add a new friend to your smart home for just $20 right now


Are you looking to start up your smart home or need some assistance controlling your smart home tech? Alexa is here to help in the form of its 4th generation model smart home speaker, the Amazon Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart home speakers, capable of streaming music from Spotify playlists (as well as all your favorite music apps) and managing your other smart home devices, all while offering human-like conversations with the smart assistant Alexa to break the awkward silence in your home. For only $20, you can welcome Alexa into your home today by picking up a 4th gen Amazon Echo Dot, which is 60% off the original price tag, but it can only be snagged during Prime Day!

Prime Gaming hero image

Amazon Prime Gaming: How to join and grab every exclusive freebie

Get the most out of your Prime membership by claiming free games and loot


An Amazon Prime membership can open doors to all sorts of perks, even if you don't regularly shop at the retailer. One of these perks adds excellent benefits for gamers, and that's Amazon's premium program, Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming offers plenty of freebies if you're subscribed to Amazon Prime, including free games, in-game loot, and monthly Twitch channel access. But in order to claim these freebies, you'll need to sign up for Prime Gaming, so that's where Android Police comes in to walk you through the process and teach you how to take full advantage of the program.

How to share your Amazon Prime Video account with your family: Get started using Amazon Household

There's no longer a need to share your Amazon Prime username and password with your family


With Netflix's recent price hike, it's only natural to look for cheaper alternatives to satiate your binge-watching addiction. One of the best options is Amazon Prime Video, known for supplying a high-quality 4K-supported on-demand streaming service across many devices. Amazon Prime Video is free for any Amazon Prime subscriber and can even be customized with more channels that suit your tastes.

Wordle starter's guide hero (2)

Wordle beginner's guide: From novice to expert in an afternoon

Don’t miss out on the latest word game trend sweeping the web


Wordle caused a massive internet explosion upon its release, and it still holds a spotlight on our social media posts today. It's not just the game's puzzle-solving premise that caused such a spike in popularity. It's about the shared experience that happens globally. Everyone competes to solve the daily word puzzle and then ultimately brag or rant over their results, all sharing a similar experience. This is why Wordle is such a powerful game, it sparks tons of conversations everywhere you go, but amazingly enough, it's also an entertaining game with simple-to-learn rules.

featured-image-amazon-twitch larger

Accessing your Amazon Prime membership benefits should be your number one priority as a paying customer. Amazon Prime brings in many perks that make it well worth the expense, such as expedited and free delivery for your Amazon purchases, exclusive sales for Prime members (like Prime day), Prime Gaming loot, and a premium experience with Amazon's streaming platform Twitch for even more rewards and bonuses.

8 reasons you should subscribe to Amazon Luna in 2022

Amazon Luna is an up-and-comer in the game streaming market, offering promising features that shouldn't be missed


The emergence of cloud gaming has been on the rise with xCloud, Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce NOW, so it was only a matter of time before Amazon wanted to take a piece of the pie. So the company launched Amazon Luna in 2022. Amazon may be a newcomer to cloud gaming, but its Luna service is already proving to be a suitable competitor in the market. So let's break down why gamers shouldn't be sleeping on Amazon Luna in 2022.

Diablo Immortal featured

Diablo Immortal beginner's guide: Choosing the right class and skills to get started

Learn all about Diablo Immortal's MMORPG mechanics to improve your dungeon diving and the loot rewarded


Blizzard has teamed up with veteran mobile developer NetEase to release the first Diablo game to land on mobile, Diablo Immortal. The title aims to bring back the magic to the series with high-quality gameplay and premium-feeling controls, a lower barrier for entry with the free-to-play model, and a clear-cut storyline that doesn’t require a lore roadmap for newcomers to follow. So if you have never touched a Diablo game before, now is a better time than ever to get a taste of why Diablo has been such a financial success for Blizzard.


Disney Mirrorverse beginner's guide: Save the universe by empowering your Guardians

Form the ultimate team of Disney and Pixar characters to fight off the Fractured


It's time to team up with your all-time favorite Disney and Pixar characters in Kabam's newest action RPG, Disney Mirrorverse, the latest gorgeous gacha game to land on Android. It will be your job to take down the baddies known as the Fractured, so it'll be up to you to gather a dream team of Guardians (remember, there's strength in numbers) comprised of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, to then set out on a journey to discover the truth behind Mirrorverse's latest diabolical threat.

Apex Legends Mobile release hero

Apex Legend Mobile beginner's guide: How to get started

Find the character that suits your playstyle best


Getting into Apex Legends Mobile can be both an exciting and challenging experience. If you're entirely new to Apex, the highly strategic and diverse mechanics can be overwhelming. Android Police is here to help; we aim to get newcomers started in Apex Legends by teaching players how to survive their first battle royale match, profiling the game's legends to get ahead of the curve, with an introduction to the available features and game modes to ensure everyone's on equal footing.

Featured image for Evertale

Evertale beginner's guide: How to start your journey to save Erden

Check out these tips and tricks for new Crestbearers


Evertale is a popular fantasy collection-based RPG developed by ZigZaGame. Since the launch of 2.0, Evertale has transitioned away from its Pokémon-like roots of monster-catching — to bring in more traditional characters rightfully fitting the RPG mold, a revitalized UI design, and extra content to flesh out the story. Evertale welcomes every collector, enabling bountiful opportunities to scratch the 'gotta catch 'em all' itch on Android while offering an epic journey to fulfill the role as Erden's greatest Crestbearer.


How to optimize and manage storage space for Genshin Impact

Don't run out of storage for playing Genshin Impact — here's how to shrink down the size of the app


Genshin Impact is a big deal in Android gaming right now — with an emphasis on the "big." Storage space is a significant concern if you're playing (or even planning to play) the hit game. Genshin Impact packs on weight with every update, demanding nearly 20GB of your storage: Annual patches containing new region drops, like Inazuma in version 2.0, substantially expand the world map, and let's not forget the version updates (every six weeks) with all their new areas, stories, and characters adding to the game's content. When are our devices going to catch a break?


8 of the best web-based games you can play in your Android browser

The most accessible web games to play on your mobile browser or pin to your home screen


Finding web games that work on your Android device can be a rather frustrating experience. The page might not load properly, and even if it does, the screen size and text often aren't optimized for mobile viewing. Then there's the question of performance — no one wants to deal with clunky controls or mechanics that translate poorly from a desktop to a mobile web browser. So to avoid the headache of having to filter out the mediocre and unplayable games from your library, we went ahead and reviewed the eight best web-based games suited for Android.

Genshin Impact character guide hero

Unlock more characters in Genshin Impact: How to expand your team

Genshin Impact shines when there's a colorful cast of characters to join you on your adventures


HoYoverse's Genshin Impact, one of Android's best games still to this day, is a vast and exceptional experience that no other title has even come close to reproducing (at least not yet). The money and polish put into Genshin Impact shows, and since its release in 2020, the payoff has been massive. The brilliance behind the team at HoYoverse is that they can always manage to find ways to successfully absorb players into the world of Teyvat while introducing a colorful cast of characters to bring on your adventures. So how do you go about acquiring more characters to join your party? Today, we've compiled a character recruitment guide to assist in building out your team.

Featured Image for the Pokemon Go getting started guide

Pokémon GO beginner's guide: How to get started in 2022

A handbook that won’t go out of print


Niantic's beloved child, Pokémon GO, has been available on Android since 2016, and it's not leaving anytime soon. Pokémon GO has impressively generated over $5 billion in revenue since its launch, loading in tons of content to keep people happily playing while bringing in timely updates with new features. Pokémon GO leaves a unique imprint on the Pokémon franchise by allowing us to bring along adorable critters into our own real-life adventures.

Dislyte featured

Dislyte beginner's guide: Awaken your powers with these tips and tricks

A crash course on how to become the strongest Esper so you can take down the Shadow Decree


Lilith Games' Dislyte is a stylistic urban-themed RPG combined with powerful mythological beings duking it against other mythological baddies. Historical and cultural themes are interspersed with crisp animations, and a savory soundtrack filled with modern-day R&B and Electronica music makes this game worthy of our monthly best Android games roundup for May 2022.

Pokemon Go Home featured

How to transfer your collection from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home

Here's how to find a new home for your favorite Pokémon


It's heartbreaking to throw away your low CP and one-star rated Pokémon, including your beloved Pokémon starter that you caught during your early days playing Pokémon GO. But with Pokémon GO continually receiving updates to add more Pokémon, this conflicts with the game's limited Pokémon storage capacity. Essentially, Niantic makes it nearly impossible to live the "gotta catch 'em all" mentality. Lucky for us, there's a feasible alternative to save our lovable pocket monsters, so instead of saying goodbye forever, we can provide a new haven for our Pokémon by transferring them to Pokémon HOME.

How to win Fortnite hero

How to win Fortnite: Tips and tricks for Battle Royale beginners

Don't rely on luck to win in Fortnite, here's how to secure a Victory Royale


Epic Games' Fortnite is still one of the best Android games out there, a highly popular battle royale that's a big part of why the genre went mainstream. Despite the growing popularity of newer games in the genre, players inevitably return to Fortnite for their battle royale fill. But seeing an influx of veterans means you might need to up your game when it comes to earning that sweet Victory Royale. Fortunately for you, Android Police has compiled a handy tips and tricks guide for beginners to help anyone and everyone learn how to win in Fortnite.

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