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Twitter generic hero whats happening

Twitter went down in huge outage this morning

The network you would normally use to check if something is down was down


Many people around the world lost access to Twitter this morning shortly after 8 am EDT. While the outage didn't affect everyone (apparently this very article went live on Twitter during the outage), it did hit a large number of users. The network wasn't accessible for many for about an hour until about 8:50 am EDT, but it should be back up for everyone now.

The Play Store is losing the permission overview for apps

It looks like Google wants to emphasize the Data Safety section instead


Google recently launched the new Data Safety section on the Play Store. In it, app developers are required to explain what personal data and which permissions they use in order to provide their services. It looks like the company deems the Data Safety section a suitable replacement for the permission list of old. Play Store listings now show a shortcut to an app’s Data Safety section rather than the plain list of all permissions it can ask to get access to.

Fairphone Earbuds

This company makes buying replacement earbuds as simple as getting a new set

Fairphone acknowledges that you usually don’t break or lose both your wireless earbuds


As great as all the best true wireless earbuds are, their small size does come with a disadvantage. You tend to lose or break one of the two earbuds they own, but to replace them, most companies will force you to buy a full set as a replacement — but not Fairphone, at least anymore. The business noticed this issue and has now started selling individual left and right replacement buds in its shop.


Android 13: Everything we know about Google’s next big release

The new OS version comes with some much-needed refinements following Android 12's big redesign

By and

We've already had a chance to look at Android 13 extensively thanks to Google's developer previews, but with the arrival of Android 13 Beta 2, we're starting to see exactly how it'll shape up — on non-Pixel phones, no less. While it may feel like Android 12 has just been released, Google’s development cycle calls for a new Android version every year. To ensure it’s free of bugs and applications are ready for it, the company opens up its previews, and that's no different this time around. Given that we've had the chance to play with quite a few pre-releases already, there is a ton we've learned about the new OS version.

Nothing Phone 1 22

Nothing's obnoxious Phone 1 marketing is vital for its success, the Xiaomi 12 Lite proves

The Xiaomi 12 Lite just launched with all the right specs, but none of the storytelling


While Nothing was busy hyping up its Phone 1 launch for the last half year, Xiaomi released phone after phone, covering almost all price points you could imagine. The latest in line might just be the perfect contender to the Nothing Phone 1, save for the lack of an intriguing transparent back with lighting effects. The Xiaomi 12 Lite comes with a similar boxy design, a slightly lower price, and comparable specs — basically making you question what’s supposed to be so special about the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing Phone 1 lights on 1

Nothing Phone 1 hands-on: Attention to detail

The Phone 1 received a lot of attention to detail from its designers


After almost half a year of rumors, leaks, teasers, and pre-announcements, the Nothing Phone 1 is finally official. It was introduced during Nothing’s “Return to Instinct” event, involving the usual amount of pathos and claims of how much attention to detail went into the designing and production process. There is something to these claims, though — I can say as much after using the product for four and a half days. The Nothing Phone 1 may be a mid-range phone, but it looks and feels like it can match some of the best Android phones out there.

Hit this blazing $420 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deal for Amazon Prime Day

$420 will get you a good time with Samsung's Fan Edition of its 2020 flagship


You may want a flagship phone without spending flagship money. That's what Samsung's Fan Edition lineup has always been good for. It's providing you with what's best in Samsung's high-end offerings, all while carrying a slightly lower price tag. If you're okay with a slightly older model, the latest Amazon Prime Day deal might be for you: The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is available for a blazing $420 right now, which is 20% less than what it has been going for over the last few months.


July’s Play system update has some Google Wallet preparations in tow

Your Android phone will soon come with that promised Google Pay rebranding


Google announced that it would rebrand parts of Google Pay to Google Wallet back in May during its annual developer conference. Some time has passed since then, and we haven't heard much about the company's aspirations. This is now bound to change, as Google has just released the changelog for its latest Google Play system update, rolling out to all Android phones in the background via the Play Store.

One of the best cheap Samsung tablets is even more affordable this Amazon Prime Day

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for just $115 right now


Amazon’s annual Prime Day is now in full swing, and Samsung products are, naturally, also a part of it. Samsung’s tablets are pretty much unrivaled in the Android market, so it’s great to see that many of them are on sale during the shopping event. This is also true for the entry-level market, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite seeing a drop to only $115, which is roughly a quarter off the usual $150 it goes for.

Nothing Phone 1 Glyph interface promo

When and how to watch the Nothing Phone 1 launch event

After months of teasers and leaks, we’re finally in for the full reveal


The Nothing Phone 1 might be the most exciting phone of the year, if only because the company knows exactly how to drum up excitement around a new product. Even if you’re fed up with all the little trickles of information, the launch event is probably the time to tune in to finally get to know everything there is to know about the Phone 1. It will start on July 12 at 4 pm BST (11 am ET / 8 am PT / 8:30 pm IST), and you can watch it right here on Android Police.

Nothing Phone 1 official teaser image

Nothing Phone 1: News, rumors, leaks, and everything else you need to know

OnePlus founder Carl Pei’s new passion project will be fully revealed on July 12, 2022


The Nothing Phone 1 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. This might be because of the company's viral marketing strategy that already worked so well for its first product, the Ear 1 earbuds. Nothing is carefully controlling what we get to know about the Phone 1, but as with any hardware launch these days, it's inevitable that a few more details see the light of day before the official launch event on July 12. Nothing CEO and OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei himself is seeing to that, too. He is hyping the public with piecemeal information on the Nothing Phone, taking the conversation around the upcoming device into his own hands.

Signal pulls a Slack, introduces proper thread view on Android

Replies to messages are now bundled in neat threads


Signal may be the best alternative to WhatsApp and text messaging when you want to stay as private as possible while communicating online. However, security isn’t the chat service’s only focus. It also regularly enhances its app with new quality-of-life features. The latest addition to the Signal Android app comes in the form of a thread view, which allows you to see all replies to a given message in a single place.

Apple iPhone 13 plants pillow

You need to switch to iPhone if you want the best possible protection from spyware

Apple’s new Lockdown Mode is unrivaled on Android, unless you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty with custom ROMs


Apple’s iOS is already a much more locked down operating system than Android ever has been. While the Cupertino company has opened up the iPhone to more customization in recent years, the underlying system is as closed source as it has ever been. Although an open operating system has its advantages, Apple touts that its approach is more secure, and now, the company has doubled down on this with Lockdown Mode. It’s supposed to protect those at risk of highly targeted attacks better than anything else currently easily obtainable on the mass market.


European regulators are investigating Amazon, while new antitrust rules loom in the US

The German antitrust authorities are keeping an eye on Amazon’s market-dominating position


Authorities around the world are becoming increasingly wary of the influence Big Tech has over our lives. New antitrust regulations and more scrutiny towards companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Meta are supposed to create a fairer environment for competitors, fostering more choice and further improvements for consumers. With Prime Day around the corner, a German antitrust body is now looking into Amazon for its market-dominating position.

Acer Chromebook 514 (CB514-2H/T)

Chromebooks might soon last a little longer on a single charge

New battery-saving optimizations in Chrome OS 105 are bound to rein in websites sucking your battery in the background


A lot of the best Chromebooks out there are a more resource efficient than many other computers equipped with Intel chips, and that’s despite classic battery hog Chrome being the only feasible way to browse the web on them. But there are always improvements to be made, and the latest one is slated to come to your Chromebook with Chrome OS 105. It’s meant to optimize how websites can use your CPU in the background.

The 16 best password managers in 2022

Protection where you need it most


Protecting your passwords is an important part of existing online, especially your master passwords. Once one of these is leaked, you'll have to move on to something brand new, which is certainly an inconvenience. This is why so many people use password managers, especially their mobile apps, and with a wide selection out there, whether you require a free version or something a little more robust, it's hard to choose which password manager to go with. This is why Android Police has put together a password manager roundup to highlight the best Android apps out there, no matter your needs. So put aside your hacker fears; today's roundup offers some of the most intuitive and worthwhile password managers around.

Following all its missteps, OnePlus could just spin off Nord into its own brand

Starting with a clean slate and a new skin for OxygenOS


OnePlus initially positioned Nord as a fresh new thing, almost like a brand relaunch to bring its efforts back to the midrange and budget smartphone market. While Nord has become more integrated with the core OnePlus brand and its broader strategy soon after the launch of the first Nord phone, there may have been a good reason for these initial efforts. Nord might just be spun off into its own separate sub-brand, much like how Xiaomi handles Poco.

HTC A101 tablet 1

HTC's bizarre Android hardware strategy has culminated in a tablet no one asked for

The former lighthouse of smartphone innovation has been releasing some strange devices lately


HTC may mostly be out of the Android business. It instead focuses mostly on its virtual reality hardware and establishing the metaverse-like “Viveverse” surrounding it. HTC is still releasing a new Android device every once in a while, be it last year’s Desire 21 Pro or last month’s Desire 22 Pro. Now, the company has revealed another device. It’s a tablet called the HTC A101, and it’s running Android 11 in 2022.

Glance lock screen example hero

This ad company subsidiary is teaming up with US carriers to take over your lock screen

Glance is coming to the US, and if you’ve never heard of it, prepare to hate it


Apple has introduced a brand-new take on the iPhone lock screen for the next release of iOS. The operating system now allows you to customize the lock screen with preferred fonts, colors, and there is even a parallax effect where the clock can be partially hidden behind a subject in the image. We’ve been hoping that Google would take some inspiration for Android from its competitor, and while it’s still a possibility for Android 14, it looks like Android users in the US might be in for a whole different lock screen experience. A Google-backed company called Glance is looking to launch in the US, and it brings media content, news, and casual games to Android lock screens.

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