Prime Day has officially come and gone, but there are still some great deals available. The Pixel Buds A-Series, Google's mid-range wireless earbuds, are one of our favorite pairs, and you can still snap a pair up for 80 bucks — $20 under their already reasonable $100 MSRP and a full $120 less expensive than the upcoming Pixel Buds Pro.

The Pixel Buds A-Series have a lot going for them: they sound great, they're comfortable and low-profile, and they've got always-on Hey Google detection, so you can talk to the Assistant whenever you want. They've also got a unique design that incorporates what Google calls a "spacial vent" that, by design, lets some ambient sound get to your ears. That's a perk if you'll wear them in places you need to stay aware of your surroundings, but it also means they're less than ideal for uses like travel or working in a noisy office.

Pixel Buds A-Series — $20 off

$80 at Amazon $80 at Best Buy

The Pixel Buds Pro, available for purchase later this month, include high-end features like active noise cancellation and marathon battery life of up to 11 hours on a single charge — but those earbuds will also cost $200, and ANC aside, we're not expecting audio quality to be a very large leap from existing Pixel Buds. If all you need is a solid pair of comfy earbuds, the Pixel Buds A-Series are a great option at $80.