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Edge of smartphone display with Google Maps icon in focus

Google Maps could soon save you gas money depending on what kind of car you drive

Engine-specific routing might take advantage of your car's strengths to pick the most energy-efficient way there


Last year, Google announced that Maps would offer eco-friendly routes that might use less fuel and spit out a little less CO2 if they match what would otherwise be the fastest way there. According to a new teardown of the Google Maps app, that might be further optimized to take into account what sort of car you drive — different kinds are more efficient in different ways, and your route can be tweaked to take advantage of your car's strengths.

Google would rather ruin its products than pay Sonos, and that's unacceptable

Cough up the dough or start sending customers refunds, Google


The ongoing lawsuit between Google and Sonos probably isn’t in the forefront of anyone's mind right now, but after recently digging into a change YouTube made for the worse on its Chromecast app, I can’t really stop thinking about it. Did you know that if you have a Pixel phone and need to reset a Chromecast or connect it to a new Wi-Fi network, you’re basically screwed? One of the most popular streaming dongles in the world, noted for its simplicity and ease of use, now offers an inconsistent and degraded experience, adding to the other deficiencies Google itself announced for its Nest and Home speakers when it comes to volume adjustments and groups, taking away features and functionality customers paid for.

Google Personal Safety Feature Image

One of the lesser-known perks of Pixel ownership is the Personal Safety app, which controls car crash detection and the Safety Check feature, alerting specific contacts with your phone's location if you fail to check in, or calling emergency services if you get into a wreck. It's a great and pretty unique app, but Google's subtly changing how it works at a technical level, adjusting which app it gets permissions from to provide that functionality. If you want to keep using it, you'll need to adjust your location permissions by September 15th to maintain full functionality.

Google swipes left at dating app conglomerate, fighting anticompetitive claims with its own countersuit

Google is firing back at Match Group with its own counterclaims over a Play Store billing grievance


Back in May, Match Group filed suit against Google for requiring that apps distributed through the Play Store use Play's billing, calling it "anticompetitive." If this sounds familiar, it's the same sort of argument Epic Games made against Google and Apple and an argument we've heard from lots of companies with apps on the Play Store now that Google is actually enforcing its billing policies, which were long ignored. Google has now shot back at Match with its own countersuit, claiming that Match is just trying to take advantage of Google's platform reach without adhering to its rules.


Comparison shopping between phone brands is a lot simpler than comparing two different models from the same company, and that's especially true with the latest Pixel 6 series. We reviewed both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and they aren't just bigger and smaller versions of each other; there are a few noteworthy differences between the two. To help you make your own purchasing decision (if you haven't already), we've both a detailed spec-by-spec comparison and our own assessment from having personally used both devices back-to-back.

James Webb telescope

Download these super high-res Webb telescope images for an out-of-this-world wallpaper

They make a stellar background. Get it? Stellar? DO YOU GET IT?!


All of space nerddom has been squealing with excitement at the James Webb Space Telescope's first images. What we've seen so far has been stunning, showing off a clarity of the universe we've never before experienced in such exquisite sharpness and detail. I haven't felt so much wonder since an eight-year-old Ryne snagged his first glossy-paged book on space from the library, staring slack-jawed at the Engraved Hourglass Nebula. If you can't get enough of Webb's first pictures either, I've got some great news. You can actually download them at absurdly high resolutions, perfect for setting as your phone's wallpaper.

Bluetooth LE Audio is finally ready to start delivering on the dream of longer-lasting headphones

Plus hearing aid support, multi-device broadcast audio with Auracast, and more


The fight for the headphone jack is long-lost, but Bluetooth continues to add new improvements to its technical standards hoping to make the experience even better with time. One of those improvements is the new Bluetooth LE Audio spec, which was finalized just today. This new technology brings audio streaming to low-energy Bluetooth, improving battery life — one of the banes of Bluetooth existence. On top of that, it adds support for the Auracast broadcast audio standard, so multiple people tune in to the same audio feed, and introduces long-awaited support for Bluetooth hearing aids.

Z Fold3 bump (2)

I love the hell out of my Galaxy Z Fold3, and Prime Day knocks $710 off its price

For the right person, today's deal is worth taking advantage of


One of the best benefits of reviewing all the different smartphones is having the context to choose exactly what I want when I buy one for myself. Last year, my big purchase was the Galaxy Z Fold3, which marked a big change in attitude for a one-time folding phone critic. But after reviewing the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip3, I knew I had to have one. Even at $1,800 for the base model, I don't regret my purchase one bit. But right now, you can get one for over $700 less as part of the Amazon Prime Day festivities. I know that's still a lot of money, and not everyone can afford it. But if you've been tempted by the idea, I urge you to consider it.

Nothing launch hero again

The Nothing Phone 1 is official — and officially the coolest new phone you can't get in the US

The lights and the back design are cool, anyway, even if some of the specs aren't


Nothing has been dribbling out details regarding its upcoming Nothing Phone (1) for ages. But as of today, the phone is officially official-er, with full specs and other details now available. Open sales for 8GB RAM versions of the phone start on July 21st in the UK, Europe, Japan, and India. Folks in London can grab it at a kiosk as early as the 16th, while those in the US, for once, get... Nothing.

Galaxy S22 tiling

A "small" Android phone doesn't mean in 2022 what it meant in 2016, but you can still get close — and, if you're lucky, get a good deal, too. For those that want nothing more than a good small(ish) phone for a bit less pocket-poking on a long-planned summer adventure, then one of today's Amazon Prime Day deals of the day might just hit the spot. For a limited time, you can get a Galaxy S22 for $600. That's $200 off (or 25%) the list price of $800 and the best price we've seen on it yet.

S22 ultra-26

For most people, Android means Samsung, making the Galaxy S phones the envoy of our favorite OS and often the finest that the ecosystem has to offer. Within that already privileged framework, the best of Samsung's best is the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It's big and powerful, equipped with an S-Pen stylus, some of the latest and fastest internals, and a fantastic set of cameras. And right now, as part of the Amazon Prime Day festivities, you can pick one up for the lowest outright price we've seen so far, at just $840 — that's $360 (or 30%) off the standard price.


Google straight-up ruined its brand new YouTube experience for older Chromecasts

Basic features broken in just seven months, that has to be a record


Last year, Google rolled out an updated app-like experience for YouTube on Chromecast. Unfortunately for everyone that owns one, Google has broken the ability for this app to sign in to your Google account. This means you can’t see your personalized recommendations in it or browse things like your playlists or categories, and if you use the fancy new app experience to select videos, you’ll be forced to watch ads even if you pay Google a subscription to remove them. In short, the new YouTube app on an older Chromecast is now a substandard experience, and Google’s even telling customers who complain that the change was “intentional.”

How Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, now 10 years old, changed your phone for the better

One name across two years and three versions, with countless benefits and an impactful legacy


I’m clearly a big fan of Android, but even I can admit that the platform took a while to hit its stride. It wasn’t until Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that Android arguably started to feel feature-complete in the face of its (dwindling) competitors. But it was the various Android 4.X Jelly Bean versions that truly made Android start to feel like home for me. It was the era of Holo’s UI refinement and declining jank, the rise of Play Services, and the golden age of Android ROMs. And ten years ago today, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean descended on the world.

How to scan documents on Android

Your phone is more than capable, and we've got the best app for the job


Scanning PDFs is one of the most annoying things many of us have to deal with in our personal and professional lives. Be it mortgage documents, a car loan, or other sensitive paperwork you need to preserve and share in a secure digital format, Adobe's ubiquitous PDF is a reality of dealing in docs in the modern world. Fortunately, you don't need a hardware scanner or big, bulky multifunction printer to digitize your paper documents. You only need a smartphone, a capable scanner app, and a few minutes. In this post, we'll break down what you need to do to get your docs converted to PDF using an Android phone.

google pixel 6 pro samsung galaxy s22 ultra cameras

Pixel 6 and Galaxy S22 affected by major new Linux kernel vulnerability

Fully "pwned" in a demonstration with privilege escalation, root, and SELinux disabled


A seemingly major vulnerability has been discovered by security researcher and Northwestern PhD student Zhenpeng Lin, affecting the kernel on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and other Android devices running Linux kernel versions based on 5.10 like the Galaxy S22 series. Precise details for how the vulnerability works have not yet been published, but the researcher claims that it can enable arbitrary read and write, privilege escalation, and disable SELinux security protections — in short, this is a biggie. The researcher has verified to Android Police that Google was not informed of the vulnerability before its demonstration on Twitter.

At a glance hero cropped

Google's gearing up for cross-platform timers, meanwhile iPhones can barely handle one

Teardown indicates Pixels may see timers started on Assistant smart displays and speakers


According to a recent teardown, Google is working on a feature that would allow Pixels (or potentially other devices cajoled into using the Pixel version of the At a Glance widget) to view timers started on other Assistant smart displays or speakers. This Cross Device Timer, as strings for the feature call it, sounds like you can start a timer on, say, your Nest Hub in the kitchen and follow its progress from your Pixel phone if an errand takes you away.

OnePlus N20 5G review (8)

OnePlus N20 5G review: Surprisingly good — and not just for the money

The best way you can spend $300 on a smartphone in 2022


The OnePlus Nord N20 5G surprised me when it first became available through T-Mobile. Long battery life, great performance, a big OLED display, and a long update commitment all deliver a value I'm surprised OnePlus could squeeze into a sub-$300 phone. Now that it's available unlocked, It's an even better phone for more people. This is the $300 smartphone to buy, period.

OnePlus's 2019-era flagships have just picked up their first Android 12-based OxygenOS 12 Open Betas. That means intrepid customers holding a OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, or OnePlus 7T Pro can try out OnePlus's (much-criticized) Android 12 update and all the new features that it brings. And the more recent mid-range OnePlus Nord CE is also getting its first Android 12 open beta.

YouTube Logo on Android

YouTube's trying a few new tweaks to fight back against rampant comment scammers

This might make a dent in MKBHD's problems


Yesterday, Google announced a handful of changes to YouTube meant to reduce issues with comment spam and impersonation. Among no longer being able to hide subscriber counts and a formal rollout of new content moderation tools, Google's also trying to make it harder for channels to pick names that could be used to masquerade as others by limiting the "type and frequency" of certain special characters. This should make it easier to tell the difference between someone claiming to be the Android Police on YouTube and someone else saying they're the 𝒶𝕟ⒹŘσ𝓘𝐃 𝓟O𝔩ᎥČε✅. All three changes might make a dent against the apparently rampant YouTube comment spam and scams.

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