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Qualcomm teases its next-gen Snapdragon Wear chip, and we couldn't be more excited

Get ready for more efficient wearables, at long last


Every time we look, it feels like Qualcomm is coming out with a new chip to power the latest Android phones — like the new Snapdragon we met a few weeks back. But for as frequently as we get a new smartphone SoC, the same cannot be said for the company's processors intended for wearables — it seems like an eternity has passed since it introduced the Snapdragon Wear 4100. Thankfully, a successor appears to be on the horizon, as Qualcomm shares a teaser for what can only be a next-generation wearable chip.

RayBan Stories LED light

All 10 Ray-Ban Stories owners can now use WhatsApp through voice commands

It's basically just catching up to Google Assistant


According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is transitioning from a social media giant into a metaverse company. The ambitious endeavor will take years and copious amounts of money, to say nothing of the effort needed to ease Meta’s massive user base (across multiple services) into this new, virtual normal. Part of that shift is going to involve introducing users to new kinds of hardware, and we got to meet one of these early facilitating/transitive devices late last year — the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. They already allow you to record short first-person perspective (FPP) video clips to post on Facebook, and now Zuckerberg has announced that these smart glasses are getting some additional WhatsApp integration — but, like most Meta offerings, there are some limitations.


Get ready to high-five a donkey with these Unicode 15 emoji previews

Pink hearts, pea pods, and jellyfish round out the list


Emoji are a simply indispensable part of how we communicate everyday, thanks to their sheer efficacy at relaying emotions, reactions on WhatsApp, expressions, and thoughts — all without lots of unnecessary exposition. The library of available emoji has been swelling over the years, thanks to the Unicode Consortium’s efforts and even Google’s Emoji Kitchen initiative. New emoji have been submitted to the Consortium for approval in September and inclusion in the Unicode 15 standard later this year, and now we're getting an early look at what to expect from them.


This new Nokia feature phone weirdly has built-in true wireless headphones

Nostalgic keypads, removable batteries, and everything you missed come standard


The world may be clamoring for high-end smartphones, or hype beasts like the Nothing Phone 1, but players like HMD Global still make feature phones for markets where people check prices before the spec sheet. Developing compelling phones that remain very affordable is a challenging task, but Nokia still manages to give us plenty of reasons to pay attention to its ongoing efforts. The company recently launched three new feature phones worldwide, one of which features a very cool oddity: an integrated case for true-wireless earphones.

Nothing Phone 1 23

Spruce up your device with these Nothing Phone 1 wallpapers

Nothing exceptional, but Nothing’s wallpapers are impressive


The leaks and teasers leading up to the Nothing Phone 1’s launch left little to the imagination, except perhaps the flashing lights on the back and details related to the availability. The Phone 1 was officially released in several markets yesterday, including the UK, the EU, Japan, and India, but not the US. While we are still getting acquainted with Carl Pei’s latest smartphone, nothing is stopping you from decking up your device with Nothing’s latest wallpapers meant for the Phone 1.


Make a point to check out the Moto G Stylus 5G at AT&T, arriving July 15

The carrier is offering the $500 mid-ranger for as low as $2 a month with credits


Motorola may not be the first name you think of when it comes to smartphones with a stylus, but the company with the third-largest US market share has released a few mid-range devices with a stylus in recent years. This year brought us the latest version of the Moto G Stylus 5G, a solid value at $500 thanks to some balanced hardware, sufficient storage, and a large battery. We've already seen carriers like Verizon welcome it to their stables, and now it's time for this stylus-equipped Moto to join AT&T's lineup.

Gaze at LG’s rollable phone that could have been in new hands-on video

The prototype appears to be in surprisingly usable condition… sort of


For every new company like Nothing that launches its first phone, it feels like we lose one of the older players in the market, and back in 2021, LG felt compelled to pull the plug on its smartphone business for a bunch of reasons — including some disappointingly low sales. However, shuttering a multi-billion-dollar enterprise isn’t as simple as flipping a light switch, and the company ended up scrapping several in-development prototype phones in the process — selling some of that hardware to employees for dirt-cheap prices. Now, over a year later, one of the very cool-looking LG Rollable prototypes has resurfaced online to show its stuff.

YouTube starts testing enhanced playlist management options

It’s a limited-time test with Premium subscribers


YouTube Premium is great for watching your favorite creators for hours on end, giving you the convenience of ad-free binging for a small monthly fee. But that's not all you get for your money, and a Premium subscription is the only way you can access handy features like background and offline playback (especially now that YouTube Vanced isn’t in business). Those extras include the ability to help test new features, and now that latest test gives mobile users some new ways to interact with playlists.


Google One subscribers are getting access to previously Workspace-only premium features

Users can enjoy better feature parity across subscribed services


A huge number of Google services are made available for free, and that's definitely helped the company grow as large as it has. But some premium features are still locked behind paywalls, and enhanced functionality for services like Google Meet, Gmail, and Drive is offered to paying Workspace customers and Google One subscribers. Not everyone's been able to access the same paid upgrades, though, and now Google's doing something about that, bringing previously Workspace-exclusive Meet features to Google One subscribers.

VR Headset Unsplash

Samsung Display supplies screens for all kinds of devices, ranging from OLED smartphones to large QLED TVs. Now with growing interests in all things metaverse, the wearable headset industry finds itself in immediate need of high-grade extremely compact displays. Samsung Display sounds like it may be putting itself in a position to rise to that challenge, and new supply chain reports suggest Apple and Samsung have sought micro-OLED panels from the company.

Material You Play Store changes are hitting tablets and Chromebooks

Dynamic theming trickles down from smartphones to tablets and Chromebooks


In the weeks leading up to Android 12’s release on Pixel devices, Google got started overhauling apps to align with its Material You design philosophy. The Play Store was one of these, but the search giant only updated the smartphone version at the time. At Google I/O 2022, it teased a massive redesign for the Play Store, but first, Material You theming is beginning to make its way to the Play Store on tablets and Chromebooks.

Google Play Games for PC unbranded hero

Google expands Play Games for PC beta access to more areas

More gamers can now join the waitlist


One of Windows 11’s most eagerly anticipated features was the ability to run Android apps and games. Microsoft’s implementation relies on the Amazon Appstore, and the stable version hasn’t rolled out in many regions yet. Meanwhile, Google has introduced its own approach to app virtualization on Windows, dubbed Play Games for PC. The service is currently in beta but is still making rapid strides, as Google has just expanded it to two new markets.


Security researchers warn of Joker malware's resurgence in Play Store apps

The dangerous software has been spotted in apps with over 100,000 combined installs


Google takes pride in the security of apps it distributes through the Play Store. Despite its efforts, cybersecurity researchers regularly uncover malicious, malware-laced apps masquerading as harmless download-worthy ones on the platform. One of the more persistent threats has been the Joker malware, a spyware Trojan that allows bad actors to exploit victims and install more dangerous malware on compromised devices. Now that malware's back once again, having been spotted in Play Store apps with over 100,000 combined installs.


Streaming services are popular because of how easily they let you access your favorite media anywhere, on any device. As a result, you may be spending less time enjoying your expensive home theater system, and enjoying the convenience of watching the latest episode on your laptop. Netflix is now introducing a new feature to help level the playing field a little, enhancing audio to sound bigger and better while giving you something closer to that home theater experience, even when using headphones.

ASUS accidentally spills the beans on the Zenfone 9 with early video teaser

Expect photography-focused flagship-tier specs and hardware


Earlier this week, ASUS made a big splash with the ROG Phone 6 for gamers. The premium flagship pairs the latest silicon with all the bells and whistles a gamer could ask for, wrapped up in the outlandish styling ROG hardware is known for. If your smartphone tastes are a little more traditional, though, the upcoming Zenfone 9 might be right up your alley, and today we get an early preview thanks to what seems to be an accidentally published YouTube video.


WhatsApp starts enabling Android-to-iOS chat transfer for more beta testers

It's now in wider availability, but not for everyone just yet


Transferring your WhatsApp account from one Android device to another, or from one iPhone to the next, hasn't been a problem, but if you wanted to migrate from Android to iPhone, that meant letting go of all your saved chat histories and media. In mid-June, the Meta-owned messaging platform announced it was doing away with this limitation, allowing Android users to move their WhatsApp account to an iPhone, replete with chat histories. While still in beta, this week the feature is going live for a lot more testers.