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Google Maps cleans up its shared location pins in latest update

These simplified new icons match the rest of the app


Google Maps isn't just the best navigation tool on mobile phones right now — it's also the easiest way to keep track of your closest friends and family. Whether you're headed into the wilderness for a summer campout or keeping tabs on your kids as they head off to study abroad, location sharing on Maps is a crucial tool in the app. With a new update, your shared pins are getting an updated look, one that ditches the classic icon for something a little more refined.

A box with Amazon Prime tape sits against a blue background. A filled coffee cup with the Morton Salt logo is to its left.

Prime Day 2022 was Amazon's most successful yet, despite economic woes

This week's event saw more than 300 million items purchased worldwide amidst rising inflation


Aside from a few straggling deals left over from the last two days, Prime Day has come to an end. Amazon's annual mid-year sale returned for its seventh year, occurring in July for the first time since 2019. In the midst of the shopping hangover many consumers may find themselves in today, the company has detailed just how successful this year's Prime Day sales were — despite concerns over rising inflation.


Your next Netflix binge will be brought to you by Microsoft

The tech giant will serve as the streamer's exclusive ad partner


It doesn't seem like anyone is particularly happy with Netflix these days. Despite the continued success of hits like Stranger Things, it's been a rough year for the streaming pioneer. In response to the company's first decrease in subscribers in more than ten years, Netflix has teased plans to roll out a cheaper, ad-supported plan — something offered by the competition that it has long avoided. With today's announcement, Netflix has announced its ad partner in a quest to regain viewers, and it's a name familiar to most.


Android 13: Everything we know about Google’s next big release

The new OS version comes with some much-needed refinements following Android 12's big redesign

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We've already had a chance to look at Android 13 extensively thanks to Google's developer previews, but with the arrival of Android 13 Beta 2, we're starting to see exactly how it'll shape up — on non-Pixel phones, no less. While it may feel like Android 12 has just been released, Google’s development cycle calls for a new Android version every year. To ensure it’s free of bugs and applications are ready for it, the company opens up its previews, and that's no different this time around. Given that we've had the chance to play with quite a few pre-releases already, there is a ton we've learned about the new OS version.

Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 is looking regal AF decked out in its upcoming purple color

It's coming soon, although we'll have to keep waiting for details on availability


The Galaxy S22 series is the cheapest it's ever been this week, thanks in no small part to some killer Prime Day deals that brought prices down as much as $360 off. If you're still holding out, though, you might just be rewarded for your patience. Last week, we discovered Samsung was working on a purple Galaxy S22, coating one of the best Android phones around in an all-new paint color. If you've been dying to see what this shade might look like before pulling the trigger on this week's deals, you're in luck.

Android 13 Beta widgets

Android 13 Beta 4 is here to convince you it's ready to be your daily driver

As a release candidate, it might even be stable enough for your mom's phone


Google is on a roll with its Android 13 beta program. On the heels of last month's Beta 3 launch — along with several mid-cycle patches to work out some surprise bugs — the company has returned with Beta 4. As the final release on Google's Android 13 timeline, this update is a release candidate version, representing the last round of testing before we get a stable launch later this summer.


Ring might be a popular choice for home security, but it's not the only camera company owned by Amazon. Just a few months before acquiring the leader in video doorbells, Amazon purchased Blink, another popular choice for security cameras both indoors and out. If you've had your eyes on boosting the safety in and around your home, all sorts of Blink products are on sale for Prime Day — including its three-camera Outdoor kit.


Tune out the gym with Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds, down to just $100 for Prime Day

They're perfect for surviving any workout you throw at them


Bluetooth earbuds are a dime a dozen these days, but finding a truly excellent pair — without breaking the bank — is a harder challenge. Smartphone manufacturers from Samsung to Google to — yes — Apple will all try to convince you that their headphones are the best options around, but third-party manufacturers might be the way to go. Jaybird was early to the truly wireless earbud craze, and one of their best pairs of exercise-friendly offerings around is on sale for Prime Day.

jbl-charge-5-no-reviews-mark 1

JBL's Charge 5 is my favorite summertime gadget, and it's $30 off for Prime Day

Whether you're poolside, lakeside, or hosting a cookout, this is one Bluetooth speaker you need


It might feel like we're in the middle of summer, but we still have more than two months to go until the leaves start falling and pumpkins appear out of nowhere. In the meantime, I'm trying to spend as much time outside as possible — poolside, lakeside, or even just on my patio, with the grill fired up and ready to go. No gathering is complete without some music, and no matter the event, I always turn to the same exact gadget: my trusty JBL Charge 5. It doesn't go on sale often, but if you're looking for some fantastic Bluetooth speakers for Prime Day, it's hard to beat today's sale.

Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro: Everything we know about Google's 2022 flagships

Building on the legacy of last year's phones

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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro won our hearts when Google dropped them back in October 2021, and we've already had a glimpse of the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that will arrive later in 2022. Even though the Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are among the best Android phones you can buy, they aren't without their flaws. By swapping from Qualcomm to its Tensor custom chipset, the company maximized performance for all sorts of AI-related features — seemingly at the cost of a slew of bugs and delayed updates. But it's a brand new year, and with the experience of 2021's flagships under its belt, Google giant is already teasing its upcoming Pixel 7 series.

Amazon Halo View

Not everyone needs a fully-fledged smartwatch on their wrist. Not only are they expensive, but notification after notification on your phone can lead to a frustrating, distraction-filled experience. Thankfully, modern fitness trackers do nearly everything you'd want from a smartwatch without any of the annoyances and at a fraction of the price. And while Fitbit might lead this product category, Amazon's Halo lineup has made some serious leaps over the last couple of years.


Roku's Streambar is $40 off for Prime Day, so grab one for every TV in your house

It'll provide better sound than any built-in speakers can


You don't have to drop a ton of cash these days to get a pretty good TV — one built from the ground up to handle everything from HDR movie streams to next-gen gaming. That said, no one should ever rely on the built-in speakers used in most TVs, especially if you're buying budget or mid-range sets. A basic soundbar can take you a long way, but something like Roku's Streambar goes one step further, bundling all your favorite apps right into the speaker. Right now, it's $40 off for Amazon Prime Day, making it a must-have during Amazon's sale.

Google Duo's latest update marks the beginning of the end

Prepare to say goodbye to your favorite video chat app


Long have we joked about Google's duplicated apps and services — especially when it comes to apps like Hangouts and Messages. On the heels of (mostly) cleaning up that situation, the company has turned its attention toward an adjacent problem: video chat services. Google plans to fold Duo into Meet later this year, and with the app's latest update, we're seeing our first evidence of the groundwork being laid.

google play logo on a field of blurred app logos with the google play logo text on the bottom half of the image

Google Play Store's latest makeover is less rough around the edges

It's a new, softer look for the summer


Material You might be coming up on its first birthday in a few months, but that doesn't mean every Google app is done adopting the latest design trends. We've known for a few months now that the Play Store was set to receive a revamped UI on Android, complete with pill-shaped buttons now commonplace in many of the company's apps. It's taken a while, but it seems like Google is finally ready to roll out these changes to more users.

Weekend poll: What password manager do you use?

There's no shortage of digital lockers to pick from on Android


When it comes to passwords, Google's been on a tear lately. The company has been working behind the scenes over the last couple of months to raise the bar for how its password manager works on Android and Chrome alike. Just because it's a free option doesn't mean it's the perfect tool for everyone, of course. In fact, password managers on Android and beyond seem to be more popular than ever.


The best streaming devices for your home in 2022

There's a lot of competition out there


The best streaming devices are all but a necessity these days. While cable TV is still around — as are online-exclusive services like YouTube TV — most of us rely on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max to discover and watch new releases or old favorites. If your television's new enough, it probably has some of these apps built right in. That said, anyone can tell you a dedicated streaming device is worth the cost. With better performance, more features, and a broader selection of apps, it's no wonder Roku, Amazon, and even Google dominate in the living room. If you're after the best streaming experience around today, here's what you should pick up.


Hop, don't walk, to grab Google's latest Pixel-exclusive wallpapers

Celebrate friendship with these three happy frogs


Every month, Google debuts a set of brand-new wallpapers for Pixel users to decorate their phones with. Usually, the theme corresponds with the current month's celebration — Pride Month, Asian Pacific Heritage Month, Black History Month, and so on. July is short on monthly celebrations (unless you count National Ice Cream Month, which I absolutely do), so instead, Google has opted to focus on a different theme entirely: friendship.

Fire-TV-Stick-4K-Max hero

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max review: Leaving the Chromecast in the dust

What Amazon lacks in design, it more than makes up for in speed


More than ever, the device you choose to stream Netflix, Hulu, and dozens of other subscription services is as important as the TV itself. Sure, you can rely on built-in software — after all, most televisions these days partner with the likes of Roku, Amazon, or Google to make additional accessories redundant. But that software is often much slower than what you'll find on standalone boxes, which means picking up dedicated devices can actually present a much-needed upgrade.

Google could be working on a successor to the much-loved Chromecast Audio

It might arrive as the company's legal war with Sonos drags on


Out of all of the various gadgets Google has launched over the last year, none won my heart over quite like my Chromecast Audio. Paired with a set of cheap bookshelf speakers I picked up in college and placed right alongside a turntable, it was a super affordable way to stream any music directly from my phone without lifting much more than a finger. Unlike the video-based Chromecast series, Google discontinued the gadget after just one outing, but it looks like this is one product that might be rising from the graveyard.

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