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The FCC, having done almost nothing about spam calls, wishes it could do more about spam calls

The agency wants to slap a $116 million fine on a robocalling operation, but it only has the power to propose it


Robocallers, and spam operations in general, are a big issue that seems to plague almost everyone in the US these days one way or another. They can be a nuisance, or they can be downright dangerous. Luckily, it's a problem that government agencies are aware of, but the FCC is in a surprisingly limited capacity to take action. The agency has, for a long time, been after robocallers, and right now it wants to fine a big robocalling operation. It also wishes to be able to take stronger actions by itself, though.

United Kingdom

For some time, the United Kingdom has been cooking up legislation to more tightly regulate the internet for British users. The Online Safety Bill seeks to force tech companies, like Meta and Google, to deal with harmful content on their platforms, with provisions including jail time for executives withholding data and obligatory age checks for porn websites. The bill, which has understandably raised concerns regarding freedom of speech, was due to be put up for a vote by the British House of Commons, but the vote has now been delayed.


WhatsApp is working to let you add a voice message to your status

You'll soon be able to rant to all your contacts at once instead of just select friends


The concept of posting ephemeral "stories" — photo/video/text posts that automatically disappear after a day — was pioneered by Snapchat, before eventually getting copied by Instagram and then by every imaginable app available. Meta, in particular, made it a point to not only add Stories to Instagram and Facebook, but also to WhatsApp, where we get something very similar in the form of that app's "status" updates. Currently, you can post photos, videos, GIFs, and text messages to your status, but you might soon get access to an all-new option: voice messages.

AP Prime Deal Garmin Enduro

Don't let Prime Day end without saving up to $350 on a new Garmin smartwatch

There are several great deals to check out on fitness watches for every kind of athlete


Prime Day is still going, and deals are still raining down the sky. If you're not done with yesterday's spending spree, you can still get yourself amazing discounts on some of your favorite tech. If you bought a smartphone yesterday and want to pair it with a brand-new smartwatch, there are also a lot of offers to check. Some people swear by Garmin's offerings, which are amazing for fitness tracking purposes, but if the price they command has put you off in the past, you might find them a tad more approachable today.


This $40 Samsung dual wireless charger Prime Day deal is the perfect nightstand accessory

Juice up your phone and your smartwatch at the same time


Cables are boring. Most flagship phones these days have wireless charging capabilities, but you won't get a wireless charger in the box. In fact, as of more recently, you're not even getting a wall adapter in the box in the first place; instead, you're getting only a cable. As such, you also need to get a wall adapter — and if you also want to add a wireless charger to your purchase, the price can start adding up. Luckily, for today, it doesn't need to be an outrageous amount. For Prime Day, Samsung's awesome Duo wireless charger is 33% off, making it a must-buy for your new Android phone.

The Motorola Razr 2022 will look very different from its predecessors

Riding on nostalgia can only get you so far


While Samsung is largely credited for kicking off the foldable phone age, Motorola also rode the wave early on. It wowed the public with the Razr — a phone that promised a glimpse at the future while also paying homage to the legendary RAZR V3 from 2004. While its nostalgia-fueled marketing approach was effective and helped Motorola land headlines, it struggled to keep up once Samsung came out with its own Galaxy Z Flip lineup. Motorola's second-gen unit, the Razr 5G, failed to woo users, so it looks like the Razr 2022 will abandon the nostalgia and come with a radically different look.


Google is slowing down hiring for the rest of the year

Not even your favorite big tech companies are immune to economic woes


The current economic landscape globally is painting a grim scenario. As fears of a global recession mount, companies and regular folks are bracing themselves for disaster. And those fears have even reached multi-billion dollar, big tech companies, who are already making moves to cut down unnecessary spending and keep business flowing. Among those is also Google. The approach the company is taking, for now at least, is to address one of the main sources for added expenses — hiring.


Don't sleep on this stellar $325 Samsung Galaxy A53 Prime Day deal

It's at its lowest price ever, and it's an absolute steal


Prime Day has officially kicked off, which means it's the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a great new device for less. While you might be tempted to go for a more powerful flagship phone with a discount, you might reconsider if a decent budget phone is sitting at the right price. If you want to get an amazing smartphone for yourself or a family member, and you want to keep some money in your pocket to spend it somewhere else in today's spending spree, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy A53 — after all, it's down to $325, its lowest price ever.

Nothing Phone 1 official teaser image

Nothing is left to reveal of the Nothing Phone 1 ahead of launch day

From the specs to the software and what's in the box, there aren't many secrets left


The Nothing Phone 1 has been one of the most hyped smartphone launches this year. After enduring months of drip-feeding from the company, the phone is finally set to launch tomorrow. Thanks to a ton of leaks — not to mention Nothing's own teasers — we have a pretty good idea of how the phone will look and feel once it launches. We can't let the pre-launch season go out without a bang, though. New info about the Phone 1 has now leaked, revealing a few last-minute surprises along the way.


Samsung might stick with just one chipset for the Galaxy S23

And everyone in Europe started screaming at the top of their lungs out of sheer joy


Samsung flagship phones come in different flavors and which one you get depends on where you live. Some markets get Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors, while others get Exynos chips made in-house instead. And aside from a few rare exemptions like the Exynos-only Galaxy S6 in 2015, this has been the case for years. But Exynos chips are largely considered to be inferior to their Snapdragon counterparts, despite their actual specs being similar, if not better, on paper. If you live in Europe and you've been looking at folks in the North America and China with their Snapdragon phones with envy, then you'll be glad to know what Samsung might do next year.

Vehicle dash with updated Android Auto UI in focus

One city is urging taxi drivers against slapping five phones on their dashboards

Proposed rules would force drivers to keep it to two, max


Some people, especially folks driving older cars that don't have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, might sometimes be prone to take a simpler approach — using their phone. Buy a dashboard/windshield mount for your phone, and it's just as good as an actual head unit. But in Hong Kong, a lot of professional drivers tend to take this a bit to... the extreme, so to speak. It's not a rare sight to see taxi drivers and minibus operators plugging in multiple phones, tablets, and even radios with distracting displays on their vehicle's dashboard for navigation, seeing bookings, and checking traffic info. That's led to rising casualties on the city's roadways. But there's some hope for good news yet as authorities are planning moves to take care of this issue.

Spotify's live lyrics are now landing on Nest Hub smart displays

You can check the words to your songs right from your living room


Being at the top of the music streaming game, Spotify has sought to reinvent itself constantly and add new features across all platforms. One of the most recent additions and perhaps one of the biggest in recent memory was the addition of live lyrics. It was really a catch-up development more than anything as this feature had already been present on competitors like Apple Music. It was great nonetheless since it allowed Spotify users to read song lyrics without having to look them up from a separate source. Now, it looks like live lyrics are making their way to a smart display near you.

Google Chrome's password manager will get biometric authentication on desktop soon

Your laptop's fingerprint scanner will now be useful for more than just unlocking Windows


Lately, Google has been paying plenty of attention to Chrome's password manager tool. While many still prefer to use a dedicated password manager solution, like Lastpass or Bitwarden, Chrome's built-in solution has improved a lot lately. It recently got a more streamlined UI and started allowing users to put a shortcut on their home screen. If new developments are anything to go by, it looks like Chrome's password manager on your PC might be getting biometric authentication capabilities down the road.

As great as Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro are even today, they're over a year old now, which means it's time for a refresh. If the Galaxy Buds2 are not compelling enough for you, then you'll be glad to know new Pro earbuds are on the way. We know surprisingly little about them right now, though, other than the occasional rumor confirming their existence. That's changing as we get our first look at what might be the design of the upcoming Galaxy Buds2 Pro, thanks to new CAD renders.


The announcement of Windows 11 last year took many of us by surprise. Microsoft had previously claimed Windows 10 would be the final major version, but as it turns out, it wasn't. Equally surprising, though, was the fact that it came with support for Android apps. The Windows Subsystem for Android allows Windows 11 users to run Android apps and games on their computers. It also serves as the perfect complement to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, bringing Microsoft's legendary OS to a whole new level. The Redmond-based tech giant is now rolling out an update to its Android component, this time focusing on its networking capabilities first and foremost.

Google Docs is getting native eSignature support for Workspace Individual

You can finally stop hunting down free trials just to sign one darn contract


Our world is more digital than ever, and many things we used to do in person can now be done perfectly fine online — and that includes reviewing and signing documents. It used to be the case that signing a document needed to be done in person, and while you might still need to see a notary for some stuff, digitally-signed documents are increasingly popular. Google Docs is getting ready to help out the next time you need an X on that dotted line, with its own native eSignature support.

Gboard's foldable-friendly split keyboard layout is now available in beta

There's no need to stretch your fingers anymore


Foldable phones have quickly pushed their way into the mainstream. While they're still a bit more expensive than smartphones with a standard, non-foldable display, they've already come a long way, and acceptance is only growing. Even Google has started to embrace foldables, and larger screens in general, with Android 12L. While Google's own rumored foldable probably won't be a thing for some time, the company's not waiting around to show these phones some software love, as we're seeing now with Gboard's new split layout, currently rolling out for beta users.


Google Meet is working on some serious stereo smarts to help you spot who's talking right now

Stereo separation would help each call participant stand out


A few weeks ago, Google announced the bold but not unexpected merger of Google Duo and Meet would come up in the next few months. Duo will be transitioned into Meet, which will become the company's only option for all your video calling needs. As the merger nears, Google also wants to provide Meet with upgrades as it prepares to accommodate former Duo users. One of those improvements might come in the form of a new stereo separation feature to help you keep your eyes, and ears, on your call.


The Google Nest Hub Max just got a proper Bluetooth settings pane as part of its Fuchsia update

The Fuchsia update doesn't change much else, which is good


Google's Fuchsia operating system has remained elusive for a long time, but it finally made its debut on the first-gen Nest Hub last year. Granted, there was absolutely no fanfare about its launch and no immediately noticeable difference compared to the previous firmware. Even the UI remained identical. The operating system is now landing on the Nest Hub Max as part of Google's preview program, as revealed last week. It's largely a similar experience, except for one small thing — the Nest Hub Max now has a Bluetooth menu.


These days, Samsung's phones all look the same. They feature a bezel-less screen, rocking either a notch or a punch-hole camera at the top, a flat plastic or glass back, and metal or plastic edges along the sides. They also lack several once-universal features, including headphone jacks and removable batteries. In many ways, the XCover lineup represents the anthesis of modern smartphone design, adding in those features with a rugged design. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is here, and it looks like a solid device for those who want their phone to be able to take a beating.

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