Alchemy Stars has just celebrated its first anniversary, and the mobile free-to-play RPG isn't letting up when it comes to delivering exciting content. This time, Tourdog Studio has teamed up with Atlus and P-Studio to bring Persona 5 to the Alchemy Star's world: Astra.

Read on to find out what this clash of titans has in store for you...

Alchemy Stars x Persona 5 summer crossover event

Excited? We are, because stars of the popular RPG franchise, Persona 5, has headed to Astra, bringing a selection of your favorite characters to a brand new scenario in Alchemy Stars.

The Persona 5 crossover event begins today (July 14th) and runs until August 3rd. To get involved, you just need to play the game. Players new and old can enjoy the crossover, and devs have got plenty in store for you to get your teeth into. You can download Alchemy Stars from the Google Play and iOS stores if you don't already own the game. It is free, but does offer in-game purchases.

What do you get with the Alchemy Stars x Persona 5 crossover?

As with many crossovers of this kind, you get a bunch of new content to liven up your Alchemy Stars play.

First, five Persona 5 characters enter the fray, which you can recruit for battle. These are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts; Joker, Fox, Queen, and Violet, with Mona available completely free as part of the promotion. Hopefully, you saved up some of that Lumamber you scored in the Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversary celebrations; you'll need it to recruit those new warriors to your forces.

Source: Level Infinite

Second, there is a cool new scenario to play, in which your team of fearless Aurorians will join the Phantom Thieves Joker and Queen as they pit their wits against an unknown force of evil in Umbraton, with meddlesome bandits joining in along the way for added malevolent mayhem. Time to pick out your strongest warriors and take them to the battlefield, to wipe out the sources of Umbraton's shadowy torment.

Not only that, but the new scenario includes all manner of Persona-5 stylization, so you'll spot some familiar P5 tropes as you play through the new Alchemy Stars summer crossover scenario.

Prime your lumambers for Persona 5 recruits

Looking forward to the latest exciting event in the Alchemy Stars calendar? We know you will be, especially as it involves characters from one of the best RPGs out there; Persona 5. Just make sure you've got your lumambers ready to spend on recruiting the Phantom Thieves, and don't forget, you receive Mona for free, just for playing during the promotion period.

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