I've been a fan of smart home tech for a while now. In the mid-2010s, my small apartment was already equipped with a first-generation Google Home and a half dozen smart lights, donning the colorful arrays found in so many mid-20-year-olds' homes. Since then, my collection has evolved substantially, adding Echo Dots, Ring cameras, Google Home Minis, Google TV, and smart light strips. However, the collection felt a bit more complete, when I was fortunate enough to add and review the Echo Show 10, which is currently only $180 thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

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$180 at Amazon

Right out of the box, the Echo Show 10 impresses. The big, high-quality speaker with the attached 10-inch touchscreen display immediately feels like a premium device, as it should with the retail price of $250. Equipped with a swiveling base, motion tracking technology, and a 13MP camera, the Echo Show 10 can follow and find you around the room to make sure that its voice responses are accompanied by helpful visual prompts, like voice shopping lists and 10-day forecasts. You can even conduct voice calls with it, but how many people are actually using the Alexa app to keep in touch with friends and family?

Location is important though. After all, similar to the famous line from the late great Patrick Swayze, nobody should put a 360-degree swiveling smart display in the corner. Subsequently, I actively avoid kitchen counters and bedroom nightstands. I found that locations like a kitchen island or a centrally located dining/coffee table were ideal, as these locations really allowed you to take advantage of the motion-tracking technology.

Once I found the right location, the Echo Show 10 became somewhat of a central hub for my smart home, as it feverishly swiveled around to respond to my questions, set my timers, and control my many smart devices which are virtually everywhere in my home. Combined with a few Ring cameras, I was even able to check the security of my place with a simple "Alexa show me the office" command, which definitely felt like a significant upgrade.

While I do enjoy the Echo Show 10, there was very little necessity to it. If you're on any kind of strict budget, the $250 feels needlessly excessive when you consider that you can get a smart speaker for a fraction of the price. Still, the high-quality audio is a plus, and there are certainly perks to having a smart display when voice commands like Alexa aren't going your way. On top of that, Amazon Prime Day has brought the price down to only $180, putting the Echo Show 10 comfortably in the "absolutely consider" category, at least for the next few days.