Last week Ubisoft revealed that it's working on a The Division shooter for mobile, known as The Division Resurgence, bringing the third-person shooter to mobile to compete with the big boys like Apex Legends and Call of Duty. At the time, very little was revealed, which is why Ubisoft has just released a gameplay walkthrough recorded in-game to show everyone precisely what the title will have to offer. So if you're curious to see The Division Resurgence in action, with its mechanics explained, Ubisoft has your back.

The three-minute walkthrough video above offers a brief glimpse of The Division Resurgence in action, and since there's a narrator, the gameplay is detailed in full. Much like the two console/PC games in the series, you'll set your gear at a base (this time, we're returning to NY) to then venture out into the map to shoot some baddies. It's an open-world map with gameplay that mirrors the previous games, which is great to see that Ubisoft didn't change things up too much. You'll still duck and dodge, taking cover as you shoot a selection of enemies, where loot is still the goal, and upgrading this loot looks to still be a big part of the gameplay.

Of course, the video doesn't mention how The Division Resurgence will be monetized. While it stands to reason the game will be free-to-play, hopefully, the developer will follow in the footsteps of shooters like Apex Legends and Call of Duty, two titles that aren't pay-to-win, as they rely on cosmetics to make their money, similar to Fortnite. So if Ubisoft can keep the monetization honest for The Division Resurgence's release, today's gameplay reveal has shown that the looter shooter very much looks comparable to console/PC titles in the series, which is a promising start.

Still, it's early days, with a closed alpha for The Division Resurgence still upcoming. If you'd like to toss your hat in the ring to take part in this testing, you can register on the game's official website.